Become Who You Really Are

“Often we don’t even realize who we are meant to be, because we are so busy trying to live someone else’s ideas”. Oprah Winfrey Andrea Pennington, integrative medical doctor, acupuncturist and Positive Psychology coach explains that in the western world most of us we ¨programmed¨ to fit into social norms, when we start business we want … More Become Who You Really Are


Own Your Behaviour – Determine Your Success

What behaviours and attitudes we bring into the world in every moment? Louise Evans, behavioral coach, corporate trainer, and author of ‘5 Chairs 5 Choices’ explains that all of our behaviours can be divided into major 5. She illustrates human behaviours with 5 chairs. Those 5 chairs define our life, who we are and what … More Own Your Behaviour – Determine Your Success

What Is Within?

In our fast moving world, where we measured by our titles, by our education level and by the things that we achieved, in some cultures by the things that we have (flat, car, etc.) – it is easy to get into this flow, fast moving, which is taking you where you have to go. OR do you have … More What Is Within?

You Are A Chef – Choose Your Ingredients

What are the ingredients for authentic communication, powerful interactions and life changing coaching sessions? One of our leaders of the coaching group shared with us that the following ingredients are necessary  for authentic and effective coaching sessions: Courage Liveliness Connection And this is the question I asked myself – what would change if we could add those … More You Are A Chef – Choose Your Ingredients