Hi, I am Jelena Vetockina!

I am certified Co-Active Coach accredited by The Coaches Training Institute and Associate Certified Coach by International Coaching Federation. I am part of the certification process as Organizational System Coach (ORSC) and currently working with teams and organizations, facilitating coaching workshops and helping to build successful communication and great team spirit!

After 14 years spent in different international organizations, working in multinational teams, I know the important challenges that teams might be facing and how this can lead to low engagement with company values and missions.

I truly believe that the quality of our life depends on several important factors:

-ability to understand ourselves, respect our uniqueness and aspirations

-ability to create healthy and nurturing relationships throughout our lives.

If you are interested to investigate further, in my blog and Youtube Channel you will find short exercises that hopefully will help you to improve quality of your life.

I invite you to become part of the important conversation on the personal and relationships well-being.

If you are interested in creating healthier team spirit and more productive workplace, let’s connect!



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