About Author


Hello my dear reader!
Before presenting myself, I would like to thank you for visiting this amazing space.
I truly believe that everyone of us has a unique talent. The important is to reveal this talent. And this can only be revealed by doing what makes us happy. What makes YOU happy?
 What about me? Originally from Lithuania, I currently leave and work in Barcelona (almost 8 years, time flies!). I have been always interested in personal development and have completed several courses, such as Team couch, Personal Growth and Self Development, NLP course, Leadership, Emotional intelligence and others. On my way I met amazing people who made me the way I am today. That is why I decided to share my knowledge, my creativity and my thoughts in this blog.
I am certified as Co Active Professional Coach by Coaching Training Institute and have practical coaching session with clients (if you are interested to try coach sessions – let me know and I will be happy to help you).
Another thing I really like is Barcelona Public Speaking club which I joined 5 years ago and where I previously served as a President. What do we do there – we speak, we evaluate others and participate in humorous and inspirational contest, which is challenging but always fun!
Travelling, is something I love as well, discovering new places and meeting new people makes me feel alive and happy!
Thank you for reading me, I am always happy to see your comments and thoughts, so please – feel free to participate!
Let’s find our inner inspiration together and enjoy the road of personal development.
With love,

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