Are You Ready To Commit With Yourself?


How often do we hear – “stay present”, “focus on the present moment”, “mindfulness is the key” – YES, we all know that! Don’t we?

However, my question to you is: Do YOU really apply this? How often and when?

Last week I made a discovery for myself (well, to be honest it’s not completely new to me) but I really became aware of how much time I live in the future! Yes, constantly thinking about next actions, future plans, things to do on my list… But let´s start from the beginning.
A long time ago I red someone’s quote:

We live mainly in the past or in the future, visiting sometimes the present.

Sounds familiar?
Yes, we all know that. However do we even realize that we are constantly somewhere? Anywhere but in the present. How did I feel and become conscious about this?


Or at least something that I call meditation today, since it requires a lot of practice every day!
I wanted to share with you something that is possible, and it does not involve additional costs. You don’t need to go to India to become a master yoga meditation guru. All you need is to find a SPACE for you.
All you need is to find 15 minutes per day for YOU! This is the time exclusively for your mind and soul. This is when you can observe your thoughts, your breathing, your body – this is a time for you to become conscious about thoughts that are coming to your mind.
This is when I realized that I am constantly in the future! My thoughts are always about actions in the future! And it affects every single part of my life. Either I am eating (thinking about answering my whatsapp messages) – do I really feel the taste of a food? The answer is obvious – NO. Either I am speaking with my grandfather via the phone (multitasking and choosing my breakfast). Do I really feel his worries and what he tries to transmit to me? The obvious answer that you already know. NO. I realize that even with my clients I sometimes disconnect and think about the next exercise to propose to them. I loose precious moments constantly!  And I could write 10 posts about those examples, because this is the way we LIVE. All the time. Constantly.
And it is sad.
We loose precious moments constantly and we are trapped by our mind, since we hardly realize when our thought comes and how quickly we become a slave of it, allowing unconsciously to drive us somewhere very far. Very far from the present moment. Very far from people who are in front of us… Very far from living conscious life.
What is very important here: this is something that needs to be included in your daily life, these are baby steps that can lead you to a better quality of your life.

And this is a commitment to yourself.

Time is needed in order to start showing our mind that there is another way of doing things, not the one we have learned. Allow yourself to make it step by step – this is your commitment and your choice of whether you live in present, or only sometimes visiting it. I personally do not want to live in the future (its great to have objectives and to know where we are going of course, but not living there constantly); I made a commitment to myself to find those 15 minutes for me. Those 15 minutes of creating SPACE for me.
What is your commitment to yourself? Not because someone told you, not because everyone else is doing – how will YOU commit to improve your life?
I would like to share with you the way I do it, and perhaps you will find it useful as well. In case you decide to start (really committed, no excuses!) remember that you are not alone in this journey, because I am doing it as well!
Meditation. Choose quiet place where you can feel comfortable and without any distraction (important to leave the phones somewhere far far far away!). You can sit down in the lotus position, and if not choose the position you feel comfortable (better sitting because there is a risk to fall asleep if you will be laid down). Once you select the place, the position, the light, maybe candles (whatever you fancy! be creative!) – start breathing. And the only thing for you to do during all those 15 min – is to breathe and focus on your breathing! Sounds easy but its not 😉 Every time a thought is coming to your mind, observe it, and let it go (as if it were a little cloud that you are letting go). And then coming back again to your breathing. Again the thought is coming, observe it, let it go. Coming back to breathing. This is the formula that works for me very well.
After this exercise  – what did you realize? What are your thoughts about? The amazing thing is when we can really let go those thoughts, observe, let go and come back to breathing. This way WE are the ones choosing to let go those thoughts.
To be honest, this is the only time per day when I am with myself. When I am conscious about my thoughts. When I convert into observer of my mind and choose to let my thoughts go. It is the only time I give space and experience SILENCE. A huge gift.

And if you want further challenge, here you have it!

Once per day choose the meal which you will try to taste (as much as you can, being present and tasting what you really eating). It is haaard! Again, constantly your mind will be taking you away, the same principle – I realize this though, I come back to my meal, tasting every bit of it, observing the colors, feeling how it dissolves in my mouth.
Again, the only thing here is your commitment. Baby steps every day. Nothing else.
I would love to hear about your experience, what works for you, what you find extremely hard!
Today one of our colleagues  shared a piece of beautiful poetry by an Persian poet that somehow stays during all day with me, which I would like to share with you:

Out beyond ideas

Of wrong doing

And right doing, 

There is a field. 

I’ll meet you there.


With love,



4 thoughts on “Are You Ready To Commit With Yourself?

  1. Great article. I’ve been trying this for a while. I think I went to hardcore too fast. I was attending meditation sessions at 7:30 in the morning for 1 hour. I had to focus all the time not falling asleep.
    What I realised thought when doing these deep breathings is that it’s impossible to think about anything.
    When you are focusing in your breathing as you say, you can’t think of anything, your mind can’t go wandering.
    But not sure what’s important here; to learn to focus on your breathing and not think of anything or to learn to not let your thought affect you and be able to redirect them to positive ones…


    1. Thanks for sharing Marc! From my point of view, important here is to be able to choose as you said and to redirect our thoughts. For me the amazing experience is when we convert to observer of our thoughts and we let them go… Consciously, without judging ourselves, I think is it a great tool to know ourselves. And to experience this silence (even if it comes and goes, but you are there consciously focusing on your breath). And honestly, somehow but my body and mind are waiting for this daily 15 min exercise! Happy meditation!


  2. Thanks Jelena, great post and reminder to live in the present. I find I think about past events way too much and should enjoy the here and now more. I’ve been meaning to get into meditating for a while. So this might be the nudge I needed. Thanks!!!


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