Connect With Your Inner Self

Recently I realized that people who are interested in trying coaching sessions are those who want to get closer to their inner world and to what really matters to them. Everyone has their own story, feelings and life experience, but what they all want is the inner connection with themselves. What we all need is to feel our inner power and uniqueness. We all search for fulfillment and balance in our lives.
I noticed as well, that we know how to make other’s happy, but we forget about the person that is always with us. We forget about ourselves. Somehow we tend to live from exterior to interior. The common pattern that I see lately is how disconnected we become from our inner world, we are constantly in a rush, work, kids, to do lists. We are constantly surrounded by people and majority of time we are serving their needs. Which might be perfectly fine. Or maybe not. You decide.

So how can we connect and listen to ourselves?

One of the exercises to connect with our inner world is via visualization. Today I am offering you a couple of them.
So get ready and find a comfortable place for you and imagine… your perfect day! That’s simple. No limits, no excuses!

What does your perfect day look like?

Take your time to see and visualize it (you might want to put some music and create special atmosphere for this exercise).
Once you complete the visualization, ask yourself below questions:
  1. Where are you and who are you with?
  2. What do you do?
  3. What does this visualization tell about you?
  4. How far your reality is from your perfect day?
  5. What could be the first step in order to become closer to your perfect day in your real life?
And what makes it far or close from your reality? How much committed are you to make changes in your life?
This small exercise helps you to clarify your values, who are you and what is really important to you.

Second visualization: you as a runner.

Now imagine you are running the race. Observe yourself in that race. How quickly do you run? What do you see around you?
Just imagine yourself as runner and observe how do you make this race. Because this is exactly how you act in your life.
Ask yourself the following:
  1. How fast do you run?
  2. Do you feel comfortable running or maybe you would prefer to walk?
  3. What is your own rhythm?
  4. What is your reactions towards others – do you compare yourself with others? Do you struggle to be the first?
  5. What new information do you get about yourself out of this exercise?
The main message out of this exercise is to measure how focused are you on yourself. Or you constantly comparing yourself to others? How important for you is to win the race?
Focus on what is important to you instead of looking back on the other guy running behind you. Its like in any other race, looking back and seeing other guys running – this takes energy from you. And if they are too close, it scares you. So don’t waste your time in a race looking at where the other guy is. Its not about the other guy, its about what you can do! Its not about comparing ourselves to others, its about our own rhythm.
The above exercises helps us to connect with our inner strengths, our resources and might give us additional information about who we are and where are we today.
Once you made this self-discovery and created space to listen to yourself, the other important piece is to take actions. Small steps that would get you closer towards where you want to be. Something that would help you to stay connected with your inner self. Or maybe simple actions to practice gratitude. Or maybe simply staying present in the moment. Or maybe starting to eat  a little bit more healthier?

What action will get you closer to your inner self?

How does your brain react to the small actions that you want to introduce in your life? Observe what comes to your mind – is it excuses, negative thoughts or laziness?
Without actions there won’t be any change.
First of all, write down what do you need to connect with your inner self?
What could be the first step towards making some space and time for yourself?
Have you ever tried to dedicate 1 hour per week for walking on your own, reading, meditating, drawing? There are plenty of books about miracle mornings and how to start our days in a different way.
Myself I practice waking up early and walking while watching the sunrise, amazing energy in front of the sea. Or in the forest. I definitely need connection with nature, this is something that I realized and what works best for me!
What is your activity that you can introduce in your life and would not cost you that much (apart from your strong will to love yourself a little bit more)?

“…he said, with sort of a little derisive smile, “How can you walk down the street with all this stuff going on inside you?”

I said, “I don’t know how you can walk down the street with nothing going on inside you.” 

Nelson Algren

I hope that a lot of interesting and meaningful stuff is going on inside you!

With love,



2 thoughts on “Connect With Your Inner Self

  1. That was a very interesting exercise! I have never heard of anything quite like that, but I really enjoyed it. Thank you very much for sharing that Jelena! I’m trying to practice mindfulness by meditating for ten minutes a day in the morning, but I really haven’t been disciplined enough. I’m going to keep trying though! I used to do it more often before and it definitely helped me stay calm throughout the day.


    1. Thank you for your feedback Sanjay! I am happy that you found this exercise useful, it is very true that mindfulness requires a lot of discipline and commitment to ourselves, the first step is to become conscious and start ¨observing¨ our thoughts and energy levels. Keep it up!


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