What Is Within?

In our fast moving world, where we measured by our titles, by our education level and by the things that we achieved, in some cultures by the things that we have (flat, car, etc.) – it is easy to get into this flow, fast moving, which is taking you where you have to go. OR do you have to?
We forget to ask ourselves – what for? What is the price that we are paying for all  that we have?
We forget about our inner selves. In this fast moving, busy and demanding world we forget who WE ARE.
What our unique qualities? What are our values? What values do we forget by acting in one or another way? What do you we choose?
What is the impact that we want to have on others?
What I really like about the coaching model I am currently part of, is that it brings the unique opportunity to feel ourselves, to meet our inner selves and to discover who we are, and then why we do what we do, and what do we choose in our life. Its not only about actions, achievements, speed, stress, running… (you know all of this). But there is another part of you, that is there – it is your inner energy, it is about you. Which does not depend on how much do you have, or how much do you do. It is just there.
The energy between TO BE and TO DO is very different. WE need both of those energies, however majority of us tend to choose the action, “the more you do, the more you have”. And so we have it: I see, I do, I have, I buy, etc. Hey, but what about YOU?
Today I invite you to speak to yourself in another way, to discover another layer of you.
And for that I invite you to evaluate from 0 to 10 every single item of the below, where ¨0¨ – none of it is present in my life. ¨10¨ – completely happy about it.


Ask yourself do you have time for yourself? Do you actually search for it at all? Time for you: to read, to meditate, to think about important things for you. Do you have it?


Do I have my inner silence? When I stay present, when my mind is alive but quiet? Or is it always the inner “to do” voices?


Do I have freedom in my life? Freedom of expressing myself and my thoughts, my feelings, freedom to choose every day? Do I have it?


It’s not about feeling happy all the time, it beyond that – ask yourself “do I have this energy that inspires me when I wake up?” What is happiness for you and how much do you have it in your life?

Inner strength.

How capable I am to face the difficulties in my life without losing myself, without getting depressed or ill.

Trust and patience.

Are you capable to trust and wait, in the situations where you do not have a control? How does that affects you life?

Inner piece.

Do I have this inner piece in my life? How often do I experience tranquility?


It is more than your couple love, it is about love with a capital letter. How capable are you to love the other? How capable are you  to forgive other. And how much do you give to other?


Now that you have your points, every item has it’s “score”. So have a look at yours.
What do you see out of this?
What do you feel that is missing?
What would you like to have more in your life?
And if you have more of what you need, how would this change your life? How would that change your current relationships?
How would that change you as a person? What would be the impact of that for you and for others?
This exercise is about our inner self, about our inner energy, about our values. This about who we are.
What do you realize after making this exercise? What is new for you out of your inner self energy?
As always, I am happy to read your comments, your thoughts and of course – what was the most important out of this exercise for you!
And I would like to wish you a wonderful week ahead, and share with you the quote that I absolutely love:

Everything is within. Seek nothing outside of yourself.

Miyamoto Musashi

With love,



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