In Pursuit Of Attitude


Did you ever think what defines you as person?
What is the important ingredient that all successful, fulfilled and happy people have?
Below is the formula, presented by Victor Kuppers:

V = A x (K + S)

Now, what does it mean?
V – Your value as a person
K – Knowledge
S – Skills

But the key of this formula is –  A!

A stands for Attitude.  Your Attitude. This is what defines you as a person.

Let´s think for a second, we constantly are working on building our skills during our studies, investing in our work experience, social life and learning. Yes, it is important.
We constantly invest in our knowledge. We know that knowledge is a key in order to position ourselves in current demanding and competitive world.  It is important.
How much do we invest in our Attitude? Is it important?
Yes, it is.
According to this formula, Attitude is the quality that MULTIPLIES your skills and knowledge. In other words, it’s not enough to have skills and knowledge in order to succeed in life. Attitude is what makes your skills and knowledge work for you.
Attitude to life. Attitude to people. Attitude to yourself.
How can we pursue the attitude that makes us happier?


Be grateful.

Be grateful for what you have. You have a lot. Your health. Your family. Your friends. The city you live in. I think we tend to take it all for granted.  Never, never take it for granted.
Practice to appreciate things and people you have. Start every day with gratitude for what you have. Start the day with asking yourself “What am I grateful for today”?
Express your gratitude. Tell your people how much you appreciate them, everything they do for you. Let them know about it. Do it often. Do it sincerely. Do it from the bottom of your heart.
 Therapy of gratitude and appreciation works.


Become your best friend.

After all, the only person you ever going to truly live with – is yourself. Do we treat ourselves the way we would treat our best friends?
One of the great practices is to create magic moments for yourself.  I know,  that we are very busy, but let’s find some time for our body and mind, these moments  will be dedicated only to our best friend – to ourselves.
Try to make your own rule. Convert it to one of your habits.
What will it be? How often? Every morning you dedicate 15 minutes to meditate? To read? To listen music? Find this quality time for yourself. Remember that  love to life and others, starts from love to yourself.


Laugh more. 

I bet Charlie Chaplin was right, by saying that:
 A day without laughter is a day wasted.
Find your own formula.
And practice.
Pursue your Attitude. Become your best friend. Be grateful. Laugh more.
With love,

4 thoughts on “In Pursuit Of Attitude

  1. It’s a very interesting article. I understand many things in my life. It’s really useful information. Jelena, you are right, everyone has own formula and everyone must use it daily. Thanks for you.


  2. If you learn this formula for yourself, you will be ready to share it with your beloved ones: your partner, your kids, and your life will even go better because not only you will find find the right balance, but also all those who make your world!
    Thanks Jelena for this thought 🙂


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