Your Inner Engine


The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

                                      —Steve Jobs


The same question I am constantly asking myself – is it another state of mind that will allow us to connect with what is important to us?
I think the key word here is  – CONNECT.
Connect with your inner engine. Because this is when you do a great work, because this is when you love what you do.
Again, the same question – how?

1. Discover your inner engine

It might not be an easy task, since we do not listen to ourselves. Since we do not want to hear and see what differs us from others. So give yourself some time, listen and talk to yourself. Make a list of things of  what you are good at? What are your hidden talents? What is something that you enjoy doing? Maybe this is something that when you speak about, you have sparkle in your eyes and your friends keep reminding you about this? Or maybe this is something that when you do – you  forget to eat? Or you wake up early in the morning with the smile on your face? What is it? Try to discover this. This is the key to start. In other words even if you don’t know what to do next with this talent, project, idea or simply though – let it be – at this point the most important is to know what motivates you to wake up every morning.

2. Next – start small.

Honestly – don’t think you will have everything in one day. But if you know the direction – then its time to start. The majority of people get demotivated because they want to have everything at once – this leads to frustration. Be patient to yourself. And start small.

3. Start.

Yes. This final is the most tricky – because even if you know what you want, and you are ready to take small steps – you will always find excuses not to start, you will never have the ideal circumstances, so often we hear “yes, but now – I cannot”, “yes – one day, I will make it”?? When this day will come? Will it ever?
Inner happiness and joy IS NOT equal to pleasure. The Inner happiness and joy that you get from what you love to do – is not the same as pleasure that you get from consuming. I sincerely think that we are happy when we create, rather that consume. This is when we connect with our inner engine. This is when magic happens.
Do we listen to ourselves or do we go with the flow? Do we live our own lives, or is it life of my parents, my beloved one, my children? You decide.
What is for sure is that we only have one life.
I think it’s more than enough in order to:
Discover – Start small – Start.
With love,

2 thoughts on “Your Inner Engine

  1. To start even small, we need a support – internal or external. Sometimes we need at least one person who believes in us, and sometimes we need to be blind and brave enough to follow our dreams.
    To start small and fail million times and still believe in yourself – here is a real challenge!


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