Wheel of your life


 The mind is everything. What you think you become. 


Its not the first day you are waking up thinking, “why do I do what I do?”
“And if I could do something different, what would it be?”
“Yes, I have a good life – I have a nice job (they could be paying me more though), my friends, my gym and social life. My family who is supporting me when I need it…So what is wrong and I keep asking myself these questions?”
Sounds familiar?
If so – congratulations! You are about to try something different or step out of your comfort zone. There is nothing bad about being in your comfort zone (as long as you feel happy and complete!), however if you have this feeling of not doing something, or keep questioning yourself, if.. if… if..  – this is a sign that there is something out there for you.
And it’s time to discover WHAT.
Before even starting – let’s confess that yes, I want a change and what can I do for this. Very important to focus on what you CAN change! Since we all know that there are things that do not depend on us, however I tend to believe that majority of what is happening in our lives – does depend on us.
There is a very good technique of discovering which part of your life is making you unhappy. Lets have a look at this.


The whole exercise consists of shaping the wheel of all areas of your life. For example, you can have several: family, friends, work, love life and so on. You can include up till 8 different areas.
Next thing is to measure how happy you are with every area of your life from 0 till 10. 0 –  “I am not happy”, 10 – “Youhoo, this is what I wanted”.
How does your life wheel looks like? Would you be able to ride with this wheel?
What are the areas which are leading to this “incomplete”, “what if” doubts and questions? Once you have defined this – you are able to understand what areas need the change. Is it work? Is it relationship part? What can YOU do to change it?
Be careful – remember to think about the actions that you can make, if there is something that does not depend on you and there are no direct actions that you might take (for example someone is not in love with you, you cannot make that person to love you) – think of how can you change your attitude to this.
The key point here is to be honest with yourself, to DO this exercise for yourself and find out what makes you unhappy and what can you change.
And now have a look the words that are written in capital letters…
Here you have the formula for your continuous growth and making what matters to you.
With love,



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