Wishing You A Happy New Year!


We are approaching the end of the year and soon we will be welcoming 2017! We wish to our beloved ones and ourselves a lot, we expect changes (or not!) in the upcoming year, but we hardly know how to say goodbye to the passing year, which I think, is very important. It´s like closing one chapter of your life, just think for a second – it will never ever repeat again! 2016 was a year full of unique events, moments and ideas.  This is why before entering the new year, I invite you to reflect on some important questions that might reveal something new for you.
In my family we have a tradition to put aside all “pending tasks” on the 31st  and dedicate some time to reflect on the passing year. This is some kind of “ritual” that we find very productive in terms of connecting with what matters to each of us.
All questions are divided into 3 groups:
– Reflecting on the past
– Reflecting on the present
– Welcoming the future
Are you ready? I invite you to find a place where you feel comfortable, relaxed and can easily connect with yourself.

Reflecting on the past:

What did I learn during this year? What is the most important to me out of it?

Maybe you have already the answer, but I always try to respond out loud to myself, or even to write it down, so next year I can read it and see where I was 1 year ago. This is what I suggest, to really think and feel what was the most important out of this learning to you?

If I were a book, what new chapters I had written this year? What surprised me the most?

What new paths, ideas, feelings, actions did you experience this year? It is important to recognize situations, when we acted in an unexpected way and were thinking differently. This is where “New You” is coming out.

What am I grateful for? With all my heart and soul, what do I say “Thank you” to?

Gratitude is the key to happiness. Once you identify what you are grateful for, share it with those who are in this list. These are not just words, this is the connection that we establish with ourselves, when we can truly feel the gratitude.

Reflecting on present:

What do I say “YES” to?

What do you allow to happen now?
As always, when we say “YES” to something, we say “NO” to something else.

The following question is – What do I say “NO” to?

This is more than simple YES and NO, this is the commitment with yourself, today. This leads to change or maybe to unexpected events in your life. Let’s remember that those commitments are fully dependent on us, so it is important to commit to something that we are responsible for.

Welcoming the future:

What do I wish to myself in the upcoming year?

I invite you to speak to yourself, to make this very important wish for the upcoming year, this is your wish!

I see that what is coming for me in 2017, is…

This is the projection that you desire for yourself, that you feel its coming!

My vision for the upcoming year is…

One of the exercises that you can do is to start with now, to describe where are you now, who are those with whom you interact, what is your current situation. Once you are done with present, take one step forward towards your vision, where you want to be and you WILL be! (yes, because you WILL).
My dear readers, I would like to thank you for being part of this blog, for being part of my life! Thank you for your support and continuous inspiration.
Because everything I write comes from people that inspire me, you are among those people.
I wish you a happy and healthy New Year! I wish you a lot of positive energy that is changing the world and making it a little bit better place to be!  I wish you to stay present and be grateful. I wish you to enjoy magic moments with your beloved ones!

Happy New Year!

With love,



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