Generate Positive Change

trip.jpegWhat helps us create the positive change in our lives? At every stage we all have people, books, events and situations that help us.
However how can we help ourselves to generate this change?
Do you want this to happen?
If not, congratulations – this means you are exactly where you wanted to be! (unless you want the change, but you are afraid).
However for those who think that you can do more in life, because of your talents, because of your hard work and simply because you want it – I invite you to reflect on the below questions, this is one of the projecting techniques that is often used in coaching.
Today post will be different because:
  1. It will give you some homework (exercise)
  2. You will have 3 weeks to work on this before my next post (yes, its time to go on vacations ;))
  3. It will be very short, so you don’t have excuse to postpone reading it 🙂
So what are these  5 questions that helped me to generate the change which I consider very positive (writing my blog and starting professional coaching school) – make sure you take your time to think, to write down, to analyze and start necessary actions.

Are you ready?

Please make sure you are writing down your answers (because we can only act on something we see):
  1. What are your values in life?

    How do you contribute to them every day? If its your family, then how much time do you spend with them? If its continuous growth and development – do you have it in your current job? How do you contribute to this value? Write down the list.
  2. What do you want?

    In all aspects of your life. Yes, this is a basic question that is the key to start the new journey. How do you contribute towards what you want?
  3. Where do you see yourself in 1 year?

    What will you be doing? The same thing? What feelings do you have once you imagining yourself in 1 year?
  4. And in 5 years?

    Where you will be in 5 years? Try to really imagine yourself in 5 years! If it’s the same you as today? What will be changed? Are you happy seeing you the way you imagine?
  5. What are the actions that you are taking in order to be in 5 years where you want to be?

    The key word here is – ACTIONS.
  6. What do you need to start to become closer towards what you want?

    Maybe you need to gain some credibility and finish professional course, maybe you need to start saving money to be able to invest in your continuous growth and development? What is it for you?
  7. When will you start?

When I did this exercise  myself, I had several questions that was hard to answer, I simply did not know the answer. However this made me realize that I want to know what I want and I want to know where am I going. And if you are searching for the answer, you will find it for sure. You will try different things before you get the answer, or you will start listening to yourself identifying what really matters to you in life.
It is important to know ourselves, to know our values, to respect the time and to know where are we going.
I would love to hear from you on the results of the above exercise, how did it work? Did it help you to start something new and exciting? Did it surprise you? Or did you find it very hard?
In any case, it is worth doing it, because results are inevitable, it might be a start of something beautiful and brand new, something that will change the way you used to live your life.

With love,



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