Increasing Emotional Well-being In Uncertain Times

If you are reading this post that means that you consciously have chosen to develop your emotional well-being, maybe to increase it or you might have decided to take a new look at the uncertain situation the entire world is living in this moment.

Whatever your reason is, I want to congratulate you on the commitment you are making with yourself and with society, by elevating your energy and conscious response to the situation and by choosing to practice the below exercise I am bringing to you today.

First of all, let’s start building our awareness as to how do we usually manage changes or uncertain situations in our life?

As part of the “mental map” exercise, please write the first ten words that you associate with the word “uncertainty”. Allow the words to flow without thinking too hard. There is no right or wrong answer.

We continue this exercise with the following questions – allow yourself some time to answer the below:

-What is challenging for me when navigating uncertainty?

-What is the strength that I bring when navigating change?

-What would help me to navigate change better?

Once you have your answers to the above questions, let’s continue with the next part of the exercise, which is – taking responsibility for our well-being.

To continue with the exercise, please list all those things that you currently worry about and that may distract you from being present. These may also include past or future events.

It is important to note here, that it’s quite normal to worry and feel concerned about certain situations or events. However what is really dangerous for our mental health is getting trapped in a constant state of concern or anxiety, that blocks us from moving forward.

The below question is the one that can actually help us to unblock this unconscious state of concern and allow us to move forward:

-Can I actually do something about this?

To continue with the exercise, look at the list of your worries you created previously and separate those things or thoughts that you feel you can actually do something about it. Those are the thoughts/worries that are in your zone of control.

Once you identified those thoughts or worries that you can do something about it, please write down at least 1 action for each thought/worry and think how you will become accountable for it.

Lastly, check with yourself the following:

-What is your commitment with the actions you have identified earlier?

-When you will start? How you will do it?

Create a small action plan that will help you to become accountable for your well-being, taking small steps each day you will make a big difference.

By now you should have your list of worrying thoughts and some of them you have converted into actions and real commitments with yourself or with others.

And what about the things and worrying thoughts that are outside of our zone of control?

What can we do with those?

From my own experience that helped me and clients I worked with, below are 3 practices you might find useful:

First – acceptance. Accept that there is nothing you can do about it and it is outside of your zone of control. Some practices that might help you are meditation, yoga, physical activity (these are some practices that train your brain to focus on the present moment).

Second – gratitude. Be grateful for the small (or big!) things, people, situations you have. You can start your gratitude with people that you care about or even with things that you have (food, hot water, place to stay, etc. – all those things we are taking for granted usually).

Third – support. Become available for your closer community, support them with whatever you can, put your own grain of sand for the society or your closer circle. Once we start supporting others we connect with our precious inner world, hopefully making someone’s life a little bit better.

There is a quote I would like to share with you that I’ve heard from my friend which I find it very suitable for our current state of mind:

“Life has no rehearsal, enjoy every minute of it”.

And my final question to you is the following:

-What attitude do you choose while living in times of uncertainty?

Now more than anything,

wishing you all to stay well!



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