Do You Need Them?


If they are not helping you dream bigger, inspiring you to work harder, motivating you to be better… You don’t need them.

Who are they? People you are surrounded with.
Who are they?
During one of the public speaking sessions we recently had, there was a very interesting thought about how we convert to those who surround us. How important is to choose carefully people in our life. One of the examples of the speaker was that in 6 months he achieved much more than in 5 years, once he changed his environment. How is it so?
I invite you to make a short exercise and identify who are you surrounded with. Think about your regular day: who do you spend your time with? If you have a regular 8 hour office job, how do you feel there? What is the environment?
Or maybe after work, who do you meet with? Your weekends – who are the people you are spending your time with? How does your circle looks like? Is it the way you would like it to be? If not, what would you change?
It might be difficult to choose our colleagues at work, but would you be able to work in a negative or toxic environment? If you are already doing so, its time to think what can be changed.
And what about people that are in our lives because we want them to be? People that we choose to be with? Do we really choose them or allow them to be part of our lives without any purpose?
Below are some techniques that helped me to choose my circle of friends and colleagues.

Identifying first.

After completing the above exercise we can ask ourselves the following:
How do they make us feel? Do they support us? Are we on their list of priorities? Do we share any important activities or interest? If not – why do we choose them to be in our lives?

Know how to say NO.

Every time we say NO, we say YES to something else. We say YES to what matters to us and our personal interest.  NO to negative and toxic relationships, to people that convert into judges of our lives. YES to people who inspire us! To those who are willing to grow and share something in common.
Try to remember last time when you said NO (or should have said it) to something that you consider not relevant? This was the time you said YES to your personal interest and to what matters to you.

Treasure your precious few.

Once you identify those precious few, who are always for you, who are supporting you and make you better – treasure them. Make sure they are on your priority list, that you make all possible to be there for them when they need it. Call them more often, meet them more often.
I always knew that people are one of the important keys to our emotional health and well being. There are some meetings that we do not need to attend, some invites that we do not need to accept.
The people we spend our time with, influence our life – lets choose them wisely. Changing environments and inviting people who motivate and inspire us – is an important step towards emotionally healthy life.
How do you choose your people? How does your entire system looks like? What would you change within your circle?
With love,

4 thoughts on “Do You Need Them?

  1. Love this and very true! As always thanks for the great advice and reminding us how important ti be inspired by people around us 🙂 I hope to hear you speak more about this one day at TM.


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